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  • Romantic Date in Prague

    romantic date in prague

    We as men have nice ideas in general but a lot of us lack the finesse to incorporate the finer details and these are the points that women pickup on. It’s not just about doing the right thing, it’s the thought, planning and execution put in to the idea that brings it home and leaves […]

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  • Prague Wedding Venues

    prague wedding venues

    A short while ago we’ve shared some ideas on why you should get married in Prague. Czech republic is the world’s best wedding destination and Prague holds the crown as the top wedding venue site. Today we’ll have a glance at Prague wedding venues in all their splendor. Pick a special location for your special […]

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  • Most Romantic Hotels in Prague

    most romantic hotels in prague

    Romance is all about the small details. When arranging a perfect romantic getaway for just you two, one should take care of a well-put itinerary. Depending on the occassion of your visit to Prague, plan some activities to fill your stay up with memorable experiences. For those who come to Prague for a marriage proposal, […]

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  • Wedding without alcohol?!

    Sober wedding, wedding without alcohol

    While Prague for Lovers is dedicated to romance, weddings are in the center of romantic universe. The love manifest, celebration of 2 lives becoming one is indeed a very special occassion. Weddings are usually a reason of an all family|friends|long distance relatives get-together. And not just getting together but also getting drunk. Somehow, the getting […]

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  • Honeymoon in Prague

    honeymoon in prague

    I’ve recently stumbled upon the list of Unexpected honeymoon destinations and was surprised not to find Prague in there. Come on, if Budapest is on the list, Prague should definitely be on the list. Actually, Honeymoon in Prague should be your number 1 choice. And here is why. Prague is one of the most popular […]