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  • Wedding without alcohol?!

    Sober wedding, wedding without alcohol

    While Prague for Lovers is dedicated to romance, weddings are in the center of romantic universe. The love manifest, celebration of 2 lives becoming one is indeed a very special occassion. Weddings are usually a reason of an all family|friends|long distance relatives get-together. And not just getting together but also getting drunk. Somehow, the getting […]

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  • Honeymoon in Prague

    honeymoon in prague

    I’ve recently stumbled upon the list of Unexpected honeymoon destinations and was surprised not to find Prague in there. Come on, if Budapest is on the list, Prague should definitely be on the list. Actually, Honeymoon in Prague should be your number 1 choice. And here is why. Prague is one of the most popular […]

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  • Birthday Surprise in Prague

    Birthday in Prague

    Coming to Prague to celebrate your Birthday means you’re doomed to have the most memorable and great Birthday ever! Birthday in Prague Imagine you come to Prague with someone special, whose Birthday happens to be right in the middle of your trip. You might want to arrange something remarkable, a surprise that will touch a birthday […]

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  • New Year in Prague

    new year in prague

    While Christmas is definitely the main holiday in the Czech Republic, New Year in Prague is another big event only a week after. Christmas is generally a family get-together: during Christmas holidays you won’t see hardly any locals wandering the streets :) New Year is definitely the opposite in this regard. People come out to […]