Prague Wedding Venues

prague wedding venues

A short while ago we’ve shared some ideas on why you should get married in Prague. Czech republic is the world’s best wedding destination and Prague holds the crown as the top wedding venue site. Today we’ll have a glance at Prague wedding venues in all their splendor. Pick a special location for your special day!

Indoor Wedding Venues

Prague wedding venues. St.Nicholas church.
St.Nicholas church at Old Town Square. Photography Lukas Konarik.

St.Nicholas Church

Baroque church of St.Nicholas is a gem in the corner of the Old Town Square. One can hardly ask for a more stunning wedding ceremony setting. The walls and ceiling of the protestant church are decorated with the most beautiful frescoes. Guaranteed, your wedding pictures will exceed your expectations. Wedding ceremony including the blessings of the priest is conducted in Czech with English translation.

Prague wedding venues. Mirror chapel.
Mirror chapel at Klementinum.

Mirror Chapel

Have you heard of the world’s most beautiful library? This incredible library is actually located in Prague! What’s more, it is in Klementinum, right where the Mirror Chapel is. Mirror Chaple without a doubt stands out among other Prague wedding venues. So getting married at the chapel you’d get a chance to snap a few pictures in the world’s famous library as well. This place has undeniable historical value and will serve as a perfect background for your special day.

Powder Tower

Powder Tower is 65 m tall and will offer you the best view over the Old Town square. Imagine being up in the sky enjoying the view of the Old Town. Such a special moment is worth sharing with a special someone. Thanks to its medieval ambience, your wedding ceremony will be romantic yet misterious. Powder Tower is perfect for a private ceremony of just you two, on the other hand it can accommodate up to 30 guests.

Outdoor Wedding Venues

Prague wedding venues. Vrtba garden.
Vrtba garden. Photography Kurt Vinion.

Vrtba Garden

This baroque garden is probably one of my most favourite wedding venues in Prague. It has everything for a perfect wedding day: a cozy chapel in the middle of a lovely park, spectacular garden… And the view on Prague, my, oh my. Words can’t describe how beautiful it is. I would even dare to say, for the most amazing wedding pictures book Vrtba Garden as your wedding venue. Neither you nor your guests would be disappointed.

Prague wedding venues. Pruhonice park.
Pruhonice park outdoor wedding. Photography Evgeniya Ovsyannikova.

Pruhonice Park

Magnificent park in Pruhonice is personally my favourite place in Prague. Strictly speaking, it’s located slightly outside of the city. UNESCO heritage site has thousands of square meters of beautiful greenery and exotic flowers. Here you will feel like Adam and Eve still in paradise. Your wedding ceremony will take place outside offering a great view on the park and the garden lake. After the ceremony, take your chance to stroll around the green paths. Take some pictures, enjoy the green surroundings and the peaceful atmosphere of the place.

Prague wedding venues. Troja castle.
Wedding at Troja castle. Photography Kurt Vinion.

Troja Castle

Every girl dreams of having a fairytale wedding. Troja castle with apple trees scattered around green grounds looks like it comes from a dream. The interior of the castle is as stunning as the gardens outside. When it comes to best Prague wedding venues, Troja castle is always at the top of the list. The wedding ceremony in Troja will stay in your mind as an experience of a lifetime.

Salabka Vineyard

I was lucky to attend a wedding at Salabka as a guest once. Salabka is a grand restaurant located near Prague Zoo and Botanical garden. In this extraordinarily green mansion you can’t help but feel like you’ve magically teleported to Provence. Salabka is also Prague’s largest vineyard and you can treat your wedding guests with some home-destilled wine. (Or not, if you choose to have a sober wedding). Everything about Salabka is just perfect. Your wedding reception can be outside facing the vineyards or inside under a pleasant shade. Service is excellent as well as the quality of the catering.

Most of the Prague wedding venues can be booked directly. Otherwise, your wedding planner will surely know how to deal with it. I didn’t mention some very obvious venues – like Old Town City hall – on purpose. Don’t mean to deny their value, but I just wanted to give you a glance of some more special venues. Pick the venue that suits you the most and enjoy your Day!

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