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proposal in prague

The internet is generally booming with guidelines on how to organize your wedding. Nevertheless, a wedding will not happen without prior engagement. While the occupation of a wedding planner is widely recognized, there seems to be no such thing as a proposal planner. Well, challenge accepted. Prague for Lovers is setting up a new trend. If it’s your first time on our website, here goes a brief introduction. We are Prague for Lovers, romance experts in Prague. And we will arrange a dream proposal in Prague for you.

Maybe you’re reading this and thinking to yourself: why on Earth would I need a proposal planner? I’ll just buy a ring, get on one knee and pop the question. This can’t go wrong.

The truth is entirely. Getting-on-one-knee part can’t go wrong. What can go wrong is the part where you will fail to meet your partner’s expectations. Trust us, by this time she already has a perfectly clear vision of a dream proposal in her mind. This is how her proposal should look like. She would probably prefer something more romantic, more creative. As if from a movie or a fairytale. A surprise, a gesture, a setup she hasn’t even imagined before.

proposal in prague historical tram
Proposal on a historical tram will be a fantastic experience for both you and your partner.

Proposal in Prague

The proposal planner becomes an absolute necessity when you’re proposing in Prague. A solid enough reason is the fact that Prague is not your home city. You’re just visiting and you’re not familiar with how things go around. You don’t know where to get the most beautiful flowers or the most delicious cupcakes. Or where to organize a romantic proposal for your future fiancé. Prague is just a big unknown territory for you. Yep, you could ask the crucial questions on a travel forum. The locals would help you, yet there advice will be brief, not very detailed and based on their subjective opinion. And the execution will still be entirely up to you.

To cut the long story short, here is why you should propose with Prague for Lovers.

Individual approach

Despite having a category of ready-made romantic dates, we won’t try to fit your couple in one of the boxes. While proposing on a runway, in a spa or on a historical tram is fantastic, it might not suit your needs. We treat every proposal like a blank page in a new book. We start with gathering information about your couple. What you enjoy doing, things that make you smile. We listen to you and reflect your wishes.

Proposal in Prague. Proposal in spa.
Proposal in spa for those who like to relax and enjoy a massage.


With Prague for Lovers you are not on your own. You can rely on us to execute the proposal of your dreams. We will guide you, work hand in hand to create something beautiful and special. You can reach out to us and share your thoughts. We are always ready to listen. Our work is not limited by rules, so anything you want is possible. Or almost anything, unless you want a blue whale jumping out of Vltava river to entertain you :) 


Prague for Lovers is not a romantic factory with a conveyor of dates. We are not a mass production. Every proposal we create is tailor made to your needs. There is no standard scenario which we implement time after time. We literally approach each proposal as if it was our first one. For us, every marriage proposal is unique, just like your love is one of a kind.

Proposal in Prague. Surprise dinner
Surprise your girlfriend with a romantic dinner in one of the beautiful Prague locations.

You spend time with your lovely partner…

…while we arrange your dream proposal. You won’t believe it, but a couple of our friends almost broke up while the man of the house was preparing the engagement. His proposal plan involved quite a lot of preparation. So he as an office worker was trying to get things done outside his working hours. The legend he used for his girlfriend was a new big project which evolved into working some hours overtime. Should we remind you this is the most common excuse men use when they start dating somebody else? :) Needless to say, after a week or two of constant overtime his girlfriend was close to a nervous breakdown. Not quite what he planned…

Creative proposal for every budget

Our creativity has no limits. And even a tight budget will not stop us. Our ready-made dates have a specific price. However, feel free to get in touch with us even if you plan to spend under 100 EUR. The budget is not what we are after. We are after your emotions, tears of joy in your girlfriend’s eyes when she sees a surprise we created together.

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