Most Romantic Hotels in Prague

most romantic hotels in prague

Romance is all about the small details. When arranging a perfect romantic getaway for just you two, one should take care of a well-put itinerary. Depending on the occassion of your visit to Prague, plan some activities to fill your stay up with memorable experiences. For those who come to Prague for a marriage proposal, anniversary celebration, wedding or honeymoon we prepared the list of most romantic hotels in Prague. We added hotels to the list based on our personal experience or experience of our close friends. We didn’t take online ratings into consideration :)

most romantic hotels in prague u raka
View at Hotel U Raka from Novy svet.

Romantik Hotel U Raka

I have a lot of memories connected to this hotel as it’s a popular location for wedding photoshoots. Did you notice the name of the hotel actually suggests it is ultimately Romantic? Everything about this cozy family-run hotel makes it a great location for a pre-wedding stay or anniversary celebration. U Raka is actually located in the center of Novy Svet (New World): quiet serene street running around the Prague Castle. The street itself is so picturesque, you feel like you’ve been teleported in to a medieval fairytale. All the buildings are doll-house like and so is the exterior of the Romantik Hotel. Hotel only has 8 rooms, so be sure to book your spot well in advance.

most romantic hotels in prague alchymist
Every room in Alchymist Prague Castle Suites is a piece of art.

Alchymist Prague Castle Suites

There are 2 hotels in Prague under Alchymist brand. However, if you long for some instant romance Prague Castle Suites should be your choice. This boutique hotel is located in a close proximity to Prague Castle, walking distance from the Old Town. Spice up your romantic stay with peaceful walks in the streets of Mala Strana or walk across the Charles bridge into Old Town. Every room in Alchymist hotel is a piece of art. The service is naturally flawless. If you want to pamper your partner in a true sense of word,  Alchymist Prague Castle Suites should be your choice.

most romantic hotels in prague alchymist
Spot for those who enjoy Asian culture and style.

Buddha-Bar Hotel

Buddha-Bar hotel is of a different kind. The interior is modern, styled to be an Asian gem in the center of Prague. Located only seconds away from the Old Town Square, hotel is situated in a quiet street, far off the city bustle. Buddha hotel accommodates a private Spa suite, where you can enjoy jacuzzi, steam room treatment or a massage. Buddha-Bar should be your pick in case you both enjoy Asian culture, style and hospitality.

most romantic hotels in prague malostranska
The view from your window in Malostranska residence will take your breath away.

Malostranska Residence

The view from your room will take your breath away. To see Charles bridge from your window – this is something you don’t get to experience every day. Malostranska Residence is often picked for a newlyweds’ stay. The interior is a blend of historical details melt into the modern style of furniture and decorations. Naturally, the staff is really very helpful. Even if you don’t book the penthouse with the terrace, they can still let you take a couple of photos there. (under condition the room is empty at the time). Don’t miss the opportunity, the city view from the terrace is so much worth it.

ICON Hotel & Lounge

Namesti Republiky is generally a popular location for Prague stays. ICON hotel is a 2 minute walk away from the Republic Square. The street is very quiet and it’s a pleasant change after the touristy bustle just around the corner. The design of the rooms might not scream “romance” at the first glance. However, we would still highly recommend ICON hotel. One of the reasons why you should pick it is the incredibly stylish restaurant with an outdoor terrace. Just imagine celebrating your anniversary at one of the tables lit with candle light.

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