Things to Do in Prague. Couples edition.

things to do in prague couples edition

The internet is so full of miscellaneous guides on Things to do in Prague. It’s so easy to get lost in this ocean of information. However, when taking a closer look you will realize that most of the resources just repeat themselves. The usual Top 10 of things to do in Prague contains Old Town Square, Prague Castle and St.Vitus Cathedral – very beautiful yet very touristy sights. But then, what if you don’t enjoy sightseeing following the tourist crowds? What if you don’t like doing things the usual way? What if you come to Prague as a couple hoping to experience the most romantic time of your lives? The answer to all your questions is Prague for Lovers list of Things to do in Prague couples edition.

Things to do in prague couples. Petrin.
In spring Petrin hill turns into an apple tree paradise on Earth.

Petrin Hill

Petrin Hill located next to the Prague castle is probably one of the best view points in Prague. From the side of Petrin you will still see the Prague castle and St.Vitus Cathedral in all their splendor. However, you will keep your privacy and stay away from the crowds. In late March and April Petrin turns into an apple tree paradise on Earth. As you can see on the picture above, apple trees density on this hill is just insane. And just imagine for a second, how incredible this place looks in spring, when all the trees are blooming. The smell is just terrific, you will feel like Adam and Eve in your personal apple heaven. To clear your head a bit, take a walk to the top of the hill, explore the mini copy of the Eiffel tower and the mirror maze.

Things to do in prague. Swans at vltava
The swans couldn’t have picked habitat with a better view.

Feed the Swans

Both banks of Vltava river are home to hundreds and hundreds of swans, ducks and other water loving birds. Their hub, however, is at a lovely spot called Naplavka next to Manesuv bridge. As you can imagine, winter is a rough time for the birds with little food and temperatures below zero. Needless to say, any edible input will be much appreciated, no matter the time of the year. Swans love bread, boiled vegetables, oats or pretty much any other soft food. Make sure the treats you bring are not moldy and be mindful of your steps. There is a lot of birds in one place, hence lots of traces of their vital activity :) As a bonus for your good deed, you will get to enjoy a beautiful view on the Charles bridge with just the swans keeping you company.

Things to do in prague. kafka head
Spinning head of Kafka by David Cerny.

Enjoy the Modern Art

The historical value of most Prague buildings is undeniable. Yet, Prague is home to some peculiar objects of modern art. The most worthwhile belong to David Cerny. Like for example, the spinning Kafka head at Narodni Trida. Just on the opposite side of the street, there is a vegetarian restaurant called Dhaba beas. Yummy vegetarian treats will help you restore your energy and prepare for next deal of sightseeing.


Tea and Shisha

For those who prefer unconventional night outs, I could highly recommend to visit one of the Prague’s tea places. Now, let me explain. A tea place (or čajovna in Czech) is a local analogue of a shisha lounge (or hookah or waterpipe). Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of those glamorous lounges in Prague. However, they lack the authentic homely feel of the tea places. In a tea place you’ll find an enormous selections of teas and delicious shisha flavours. Pick whichever you fancy: caramel tea will go nicely against choco-mint shisha flavour. A tea made of wild berries will nicely compliment raspberry and cream shisha. One of the best tea places is actually located only 200 m away from the spinning Kafka in Ostrovni street. To broaden your options, search for “čajovna praha” to get the locations of the tea places nearby.

Things to do in prague. Invisible exhibition.
Neviditelna vystava means Invisible exhibition.

Invisible Exhibition

Speaking of art, I couldn’t skip this incredible exhibition. The name itself instantly provokes a lot of questions. How can an exhibition be invisible? Well, consider it a bit of a spoiler but this exhibition takes place in a complete absolute darkness. Weird? Not so much, as thousands of people actually live their everyday lives in darkness. I’m speaking of blind people here and the purpose of Invisible exhibition is to “gift” you an hour of blindness… Only in order to open your eyes. As absurd as it sounds, in total darkness we start relying on our other senses: smell, taste, sound. Every experience becomes sharper, as a result we feel rejuvenated and more alive. Isn’t it the perfectly memorable episode to share with your loved one?

National Theatre

National theatre belongs to one of the main Prague’s sights. Ironically, seeing the magnificent building of the theatre from the outside is nothing compared to observing it’s fine interior. You can combine the National theatre visit with watching one of the world-class performances taking place on its stage almost daily. Pick one of the opera or ballet performances not to struggle with Czech language :) There is no better occassion to dress up into an evening gown and a black tie than a National theatre visit. Guaranteed, you’d feel like members of high society sipping on the champagne during the break.

Things to do in prague. spa

Wellness and Spa

Your main activity in Prague will be sightseeing, and that makes you rather tired. So why not pamper yourself with some beauty treatments or a spa visit? After a nice relaxed evening in a private sauna accompanied by a massage you’ll feel as a newborn baby. Your bodies, especially your feet tired of endless walking will surely appreciate this little treat. The romantic spa vibes will set you both in a nice mood and help you recharge your batteries.

Hope you’ve picked an activity for yourself and your sweetheart from our list of Things to do in Prague Couples edition. In case you need more guidance, consider booking a Romantic Prague Tour where we would share more secrets with you. Enjoy Prague!

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