Historical Tram Ride


If you are looking for proposal ideas in Prague, ride in a historical tram will be your lucky choice. Nothing represents Prague more than those red retro trams, running around its historical center since the end of XX century. You and your loved one will have enough privacy to enjoy Prague the way our ancestors saw it. And, of course, you will have a perfectly intimate surrounding to pop an important question.

Historical tram just for you two

Last year we celebrated 140 years since the first tram line was opened in Prague. Back in the days, trams were smaller, nice wooden decor inside lit with cozy yellow lights. Can you imagine casually bringing your loved one to the tram stop, where the historical tram awaits you, and announcing that you both are going on a private ride?! Your partner will be beyond astonished. Wait till you get inside though, where she will see a nicely decorated table with a bottle of bubbly champaign and candles.

Proposal ideas Prague has to offer

What more can we add to the list of proposal ideas in Prague? Needless to say, the historical tram ride will definitely be on the top of the list. It will become an adventure, your family legend. Your grandchildren will listen to it with ultimate enthusiasm.  This special moment deserves to be captured on camera. As an option, you can additionally book a photographer to take pictures of you, which you can later use at the wedding ceremony.

If you prefer the sky to the solid ground, here is another proposal idea for you.

Price: from 200 EUR

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