Valentine’s Day Every Day

st valentines day in prague

We have barely unwrapped all our Christmas presents, with the crazy speed of time though it’s almost the middle of January. And this means February is around the corner, hence Valentine’s day madness.

One thing I’ve got to tell you before you rush out to get your girlfriend some flowers. Love is a verb. It’s not the butterflies in your stomach, it’s not just a feeling and it doesn’t go away by the click of your fingers. Love is about caring and showing your significant other that you do care.

Love comes in different shapes and forms. Bringing a cup of hot chocolate while your girlfriend is still in bed. Cooking your partner delicious and nutricious breakfast. Or leaving a cute note for him\her on the door.

Flight on a private plane for Valentine's day in Prague
Flight on a private plane for Valentine’s day in Prague

St Valentine’s Day in Prague

And what if this year you’re feeling adventurous and you’re celebrating st Valentine’s day in Prague? Good for you! Being away from home, away from your usual environment will bring an additional touch of romance. You might want to surprise your loved one with something more original than a traditional romantic dinner. How about taking your partner on a private plane ride?! Or since it’s winter time, you might want to have a date on the ice skating rink, closed for just you two. Or dive into the world of relaxation with a spa experience.

Basically, any unbelievable idea you have, we’re here ready to make it happen. We do simple surprises too, like handmade cupcake delivery, flower arrangements or booking a limo ride :)

cupcake delivery valentine's day surprise in prague
Valentine cupcakes delivered to your door – sweet surprise for your sweetheart

Celebrate love all year round

Let me share this simple rule with you. Celebrate your love 365 days a year, don’t stick to just one day. One more day you spend together is a good reason to remind how you love and value your partner. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expressed through expensive gifts, a simple I love you is enough.

Lots of love,


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