Getting Married in Prague

wedding in prague

When it comes to work, I prefer to integrate a certain amount of fun in a work routine. My dedication to make a living a fun way resulted in trying the photographer’s assistant role. And not just any photographer, one of the best wedding photographers in Prague. This job (although I can hardly call it a “job” as it was pure joy and pleasure) helped me realise: Prague is among the top world wedding destinations. Through wedding photography I’ve met probably around a hundred couples from the USA, Hong Kong, Israel, Russia or Ukraine. I’ve also gained valuable insight on weddings, which I’m happy to share. Who knows, my humble advice might help you make important decisions while planning your wedding in Prague.

wedding in prague
Wedding in Prague. Photo by Tatyana Churina.

Why get married in Prague

Based on my personal statistics I got from the international newlyweds, there are 3 most common reasons to arrange a wedding in Prague. You might consider getting married in Prague, if you’ve visited this architectural gem before and you’ve fallen in love with the city vibe. Couples arriving from the Asian countries confessed they just wanted something exotic. Well, those who reside in Europe dream of weddings in tropical destinations, so it only seems fair. American, Russian or Israeli couples usually mentioned that their Prague wedding turned out to be much cheaper than if they opted for a wedding at home. This part also makes perfect sense, as Prague is really cheap compared to the rest of Europe. You might find yourself in one of these categories. Or you might have a totally original reason. One way or another, your wedding in Prague will be the one you’ll never forget.

Classical wedding in Prague.
Classical wedding in Prague. Photo by Evgeniya Ovsyannikova.

Wedding planner

This part will be hard to avoid as the marriage of foreign citizens in Prague requires certain legal procedures. Your birth certificates should be translated into Czech. You should provide a confirmation that you’re not married. You will definitely need an interpretor to translate the wedding ceremony from Czech into your native language. And that’s where a wedding planner will come in handy as their specialty is arranging this legal stuff. Better find a wedding agency specializing in American, Israeli, European, Russian (choose one) weddings. Where to look for a wedding planner? No better place like internet :) I suggest you check the references on other wedding websites, so that you can be sure your wedding is in good hands. Prague wedding planners usually charge a certain percentage of your total wedding budget. However, if you only agree on arranging the wedding ceremony, there should be a fixed price for that.

Wedding venue

I’m going to dedicate a separate blog post to Prague wedding venues (UPD here is a link to the article about Prague wedding venues). This city is a treasure box with amazing wedding locations. Prague offers both indoor and outdoor venues, perfect for any season. My personal favourites are the Vrtba garden, Pruhonice park (UNESCO heritage sight) and Troja castle. I haven’t even mentioned Hluboka nad Vltavou or Dobris castle. I will allow myself one tiny piece of advice. First, make up your mind whether you want to move around a lot. Some of the wedding venues are situated in the very heart of the city while some are quite distant and require some driving. A wedding in the castle can be demanding in terms of the wedding dress and the styling of your wedding ceremony in general. A garden wedding however is mainly suitable for Spring or Summer. In Autumn chances of rain are too high.

wedding in prague
Wedding in Prague. Photo by Tatyana Churina.

Wedding photoshoot

Naturally, I couldn’t have missed the essential part of every wedding. Bright memories of your special day will only stay with you thanks to the wedding pictures. I do recommend to spend some time and thoroughly search for a wedding photographer, whose style appeals to you. Keep in mind, you need to be rather mobile for a photoshoot. Most likely, photographer will ask you to walk, run, jump and do all kinds of crazy movements. You don’t really want to appear frozen in all your wedding pictures cause your dress was too tight or your heels were too high. It’s typical to go on a 2-3 hour walk around the city after the wedding ceremony. This way you will have a strong proof your wedding really took place in Prague. Taking all of the above into consideration, make sure the bride’s wedding dress allows some movement. Bride’s shoes can still be gorgeous without 20 cm high heels you can hardly stand on. The groom’s outfit shouldn’t be too tight and his shoes should be comfortable enough.

Wedding reception

Your choice of a wedding reception venue will obviously depend on the number of guests. Intimate weddings with only bride and groom are common in Prague. For a private reception for 2-4 people I would recommend one of the restaurants with the best view. In case of a bigger wedding crowd, consider Alchymist boutique hotel. They have a lovely restaurant with top service. Botel Admiral – hotel on the river – is also a popular choice for wedding with a large number of guests.

wedding in prague
Couple of newlyweds on a historical tram. Photo by Evgeniya Ovsyannikova.


On the wedding pictures it might look like a lot of fun, though weddings are generally hard work. So many things to think of, so little time to relax. After the wedding buzz is over, you should dedicate time for just you two, and spend this time wisely. On your wedding day, you can cut the photoshoot down to 1 hour and spend the rest of your time cruising around the streets of Prague on a historical tram. Historical tram ride is also a perfect choice if you have wedding guests. The tram can accommodate up to 40 people! So all of you will have incredible time together. Another option is to visit National Theatre or National Opera as you’ll be dressed to impress anyway :) Or you could skip traditional dinner and let yourself relax in a luxury spa.

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